It's April Already?!

01 April 2012

I love redecorating my table!
My inspiration came from -can you guess?-Pinterest.
Or a majority of the ideas did.
I threw most of this together last night when the hubby was out.


Now I'll brake it down and tell you where I got all these fun ideas and how I did them!

1. Candles: white cardstock w/ribbon{Walmart} and purple polka-dots glued on.
You'll notice that I added the dots after the main pics were taken - I thought they would make it look cuter!
2. Mirror + Banner: the mirror I got from my grandma's house, and spray painted white.
The banner was cut with my silhouette.
3. Carrots: idea from Pinterest. Fabric bought from Walmart and then just hot glued together w/cotton stuffing.
4. Button Egg: idea from Pinterest. I made this back in March when Kerr{sis-in-law} came to visit.

We went to Porters and sorted through a BIIIIG bucket of buttons.
Then simply hot glued them to paper!
5. Bunny Thumbprint: yet another cute idea from Pinterest. I copied the pic and took it to Photoshop, blew it up, and used the color-replacement tool to make it purple.
6. Easter Egg Tree: hands down this is my FAVORITE! Credit, again, is to Pinterest{gotta LOVE it!} I took an old vase and spray painted it white, and grabbed some twigs from our front yard. Then I got some smaller plastic Easter eggs from Walmart {.50cents}, covered them in mod podge and rolled them in glitter.


I let those sit overnight to dry.
When I woke up I sprayed them with a coat of fixative.
It's clear, and usually sprayed on my pencil drawings,
but I thought I'd try it on the eggs because I didn't want the glitter coming off easily.
Worked like a charm and sealed the glitter without dulling it!


When that was dry {5min tops} I hot glued some embroidery floss to the backs of each egg,
and hung it on the tree!


Now you go have some fun and get in the mood for SPRING!


I love hearing what you have to say!

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