freebie: set of 10 photoshop arrows

02 July 2013

each night after we put the babe to bed, K and i usually will hang out in our living room and talk about our day, if anything exciting or different happened (my favorite question for him), what we have going on tomorrow, and what we should do this week to get out of the house (another one of my favorite questions-hehe). i'm sure you can relate. boring married/grown up talk. this eventually leads to watching a movie or our latest tv series, and right now it's just never gets old :)

 i've been keeping my sketch pad or Bamboo tablet close by during these episodes, and last night i drew up some arrows that i'd like to share with you! 

here are the deets:
• they are not huge, i made them 150x150px in Photoshop. so these are nice for throwing on small sidebar stuff or in a signature...whatever. in the future i'll definitely remember to make them much larger!
• 300 px/in
• you get 10 png files {1 of each}
• for PERSONAL or COMMERCIAL use-have at 'em! {you're welcome}

download the files here:


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*out of curiosity, tell me: what kind of freebies would you like to see around here??


  1. wow theses are awesome! I am going to use them in my post tomorrow! I will be sure to link back to you<3

    you are so talented audrey!

    1. thank you Candice! that is super nice of you!! :)

  2. I just pinned this earlier :) Thanks for the freebie! My husband and I record all of the Friends reruns and watch them all the time. Seriously-- they never get old!!

    1. thanks! i'm glad you like them! -and ps you are the cutest preggo girl, CONGRATS!

  3. I love your blog!! Just found you from Candice's blog! I absolutely love your design! New follower!


    1. yay! thank you! and i am definitely a fan of yours (and following via bloglovin)

  4. Love these! Found you on Pinterest and I'm loving all of your stuff!
    Totally wish you designed for WP so I could use you!

    xo caro |

    1. thanks Caro! i'm so happy you found me, and i totally want to work on some WP blogs in the future :)


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